The functions that simplifies recruitment

ebber enables you to select the best candidates based on unlimited testing at a fixed price
Save time

Create the position

It is easy to create a position in ebber. You will also receive access to automated job analyses and possibilities for test adaptation


Send out tests and receive clear recommendations

Send out tests to all candidates. ebber will evaluate and compare the candidates for you


Ask the right questions

At ebber we offer interview guides tailored to the specific position

Enkel prosess

Vi gjør livet ditt enklere

Spar tid med automatisering

Opprett stillingen

Det er enkelt å opprette stillingen, med mulighet for automatiserte jobbanalyser og kompetanserammeverk.

Bruk tiden din mer effektivt

Send ut tester og mottat klare anbefalinger

Send ut tester og mottat klare anbefalinger

Still de riktige spørsmålene

Finn den beste kandidaten

Ebber tilbyr skreddersydde intervjuguider tilpasset den spesefike stillingen.

Psychometric testing

ebber offers continuously updated psychometric testing. By mapping the candidates’ personal abilities and characteristics, ebber ensures that you have the high-quality insight needed to choose the right person for the job.

State of the art competency framework

The use of skill frameworks increases the accuracy of the selection process. A structured use of skills central for the specific job ensures an accurate and holistic recruitment process. Using relevant skills can play an important role when it comes to the design of the job advertisement, adaptation of tests and to make the onboarding of new candidates easier.

Clear recommendations

Each candidate receives a score between 1 and 100. This makes it easy to compare and evaluate the candidates, and reduce the time spent shifting through CVs and cover letters.

Interview guides with live scoring

Add your evaluation of the candidate directly into the system during the interview. Skills especially relevant for the position will automatically be transferred to ebber’s interview component, where you can add your evaluation of the candidate.


In order to ensure an automated process and a great user experience, ebber is integrated with different applicant tracking systems (ATS). Integrations with Jobbnorge and Talentech ensures a seamless user experience and enables a fully automated process.

Quality of hire surveys

Use data from candidates and employees to optimize the recruitment process. The right data will provide insight in how previous candidates have been selected and what skills have been crucial to do well in the position. This makes it possible to continuously improve the recruitment process.

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